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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

400W, 3.6KW, and
5KW Standard Spec.
Combination of two vertical wind technologies

-Combine Savonius Blade & Darrieus Blade -Completely Silent

-Excellent Turbulence Compliance

-Excellent Low Wind Self-start -Excellent High Wind Efficiency

-Excellent Power Generation At Low Wind Speed

Many Advantages of our Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Not easily damaged by typhoon or hurricane.

-Cost saving
Long and high pole are not required

-Suitable for any construction
Ability to operate under all weather conditions

-Building friendly
Does not generate noise pollution and vibration free

-Bird friendly
Less likelihood of Bird Strike due to Physical Design

-Able to operate in the cold weather
Ability to operate at extreme temperatures -40°C

-Firm structure
All structure of our wind turbine is triangle, which is the strongest structure

-Easy to operate
In addition to the advantages of S blade and D blade, our alternator is designed to adopt external rotation- inertia

-Easy to install
The 400W unit is easy to install, DIY

-High quality
The main shaft of Wind Turbine fabricated by Auto Manufacturer

-High efficiency
Its rated power can be adjusted

400W with Tower & Pole, 3,6KW & 5KW with Pole
Solar Wind Street Light

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