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KT System Sdn Bhd has been a leader in the field of power protection for more than two decades; Licensed by the Suruhanjaya Tenaga to conduct full testing and commissioning work on systems of up to 500kv. KT System excels in the areas of construction, testing, commissioning and maintenance of electrical installation up to 500kv. KT System also has the drive, commitment and dedication to provide the highest quality of services.

KT System is also recognized as one of the best equipped power protection companies in Malaysia. To add credibility to these claims of technological superiority, KT System is home to team of skilled professional that are competent, disciplined and dynamic professionals that are second to none. Back by a combined experience of 50 years and counting in the power protection industry, KT System is consistently completing projects ahead of schedule without any compromise on service quality.

With a strong service track record, brilliant technical reliability and competence in the field of power protection, KT System has been awarded and completed numerous contracts

KT SYSTEM SDN BHD is looking forward in the following business:-



  1. To carry out the business of Electrical Consultancy and Management Services.
  2. To actively involve in the field of construction, erecting structures, testing and maintenance of electrical installation up to 500kV.
  3. To carry out safely inspection of electrical system for both low and high voltage.
  4. To supply and erect protection relays and ancillary equipments.
  5. To carry out maintenance for switchboard and sub-switchboard.
  6. To supply, delivery ex-site, commissioning of gensets.
  7. To carry out maintenance, testing and commissioning of ups, battery charges and dc systems.
  8. To carry out retrofitting works such as replacement of relays, reticulation works, etc.



  1. Re-calibration of protective relays
  2. Maintenance and overhaul of circuit breakers, RMU, MSB, MCCB, ACB, etc.
  3. Checking of cable condition (Overhead and underground).
  4. Rectification of pilot cables (37 pairs)
  5. Maintenance of transformer, RTCC, Tap changer, etc.



  1. to carry out wiring installation (Indoor and Outdoor) at any building including high rise building.
  2. To supply and install lighting wiring points.
  3. To carry out maintenance of light fitting and relamping works.
  4. To conduct general maintenance on cleanliness (surrounding/restricted compound/areas).

To provide electrical supervisory services : Monthly Inspection by competent engineer and Advisory Consultancy Services.